Our Teachers

Head of Campus - Kyle Quadros

We are excited to welcome Kyle Quadros to the helm of Henry Barnard School as we begin our partnership with Providence Country Day. Quadros will oversee day-to-day operations at HBS as Head of Lower School, reporting to PCD Head of School Kevin Folan.

Founder of the education nonprofit Tilo, former head of school at Blackstone Valley Prep Mayoral Academy and current statewide coordinator of COVID-19 K-12 response for RIDOH, Quadros brings impressive experience to this new role. Moreover, his values and passion are a perfect fit for HBS.

Read the full news release here to learn more about our dynamic new leader.

PreK - Elizabeth Orton

I have been teaching preschool at Henry Barnard School for over ten years. Educating young children is my passion, and I consider preschoolers to be ‘my people’; we speak the same language. I have the pleasure of welcoming children and their families to their first formal school experience. I view the families as a partner in the early childhood journey.

The preschool program takes its influence from a variety of schools of thought, most notably the Reggio Emilia approach. The children are capable and competent. The teachers join the students in learning about the world around them, with particular influence of the natural world. The interests of the children guide our curriculum. Depending upon the day or time of year the children are observing pumpkins decaying, hatching butterflies, and seeing the changes from tadpole to frog or the fantastic transformation of ladybug larvae to a ladybug. We cook, sew, and search for insects in our garden. We spend our days engrossed in children’s work: PLAY.

PreK Teacher Associate - Jackie Xiong

I believe that everyday is a new opportunity to learn and grow as an individual, and by extension, as a community. There is so much we can learn from each other, which is why I love being at HBS. Here, we thrive off of innovation and collaboration, which makes for a dynamic learning experience.

As a teacher associate in preschool, I take pride in preparing our young students for the rest of their educational journeys. Preschool is not only a time for students to learn and improve upon necessary skills, but also life lessons they will carry into the future. Through our child and play based curriculum, students learn through their experiences, curiosity and interests. More importantly, students develop a love for learning.

Here at HBS, I have been given the wonderful opportunity to co-teach preschool. Everyday, I continue to learn from my peers and the students here at HBS. I strive to educate and empower students so they are better prepared as our leaders of tomorrow.

Kindergarten - Meg Adair

From the start of my career here at Henry Barnard School, the students, faculty members, and the families have inspired me to reach for my goals as a teacher. The halls are filled with enthusiasm to learn, grow, share, create, and succeed. I have learned amazing lessons right along with my students.

The foundation for my teaching has been formed by my observations and hands-on experience with students in preschool through first grade. I have learned the value of compassion and the need to understand the individual student. I am dedicated and determined to provide the students at Henry Barnard School with the highest level of opportunity to succeed educationally and socially through innovative and tested teaching techniques.

The area I enjoy the most in my classroom is working with families to create a learning environment where everyone is a teacher. Working with families fosters a positive and personal relationship with students to reach social and educational goals. It can create an exciting atmosphere where students can share and grow confident in their abilities as well as maintain a high level of enjoyment and desire for learning.

When you walk into my classroom expect to hear music and laughter while we explore, discover, share, invent, create, and grow our love for learning!

Grade 1 - Eileen Wolf

Grade 2 - Amanda Waring

When going through school and earning my Bachelor's in Early Education there was always the question, “Why do you want to become a teacher?” For me, I always thought back to my 4th grade teacher. She was so kind, engaging, and genuinely made me excited to learn! My goal is to share that same experience with my students. Each day is a new opportunity to find a new interest, collaborate with our peers, and to create a fun and respectful learning environment.

I have been lucky enough to work in education throughout my college career and beyond, taking me all the way across the world to Thailand and Cambodia. Those experiences helped me become a flexible teacher and allowed me to look at teaching through a new lens. As a teacher, you never know what the day will bring, but each day is filled with an excitement that I am eager to share with the students and staff at HBS.

Grade 3 - Lisa Marshall

Success can be measured in many ways but for me, it really is knowing that I may have helped someone breathe a little easier. This could be a young student learning social and emotional skills along with their letters and sounds for the first time or an older student understanding what they have read, or working out a math problem. I often meet the needs of individual students by differentiating instruction and adapting materials

My relationship with HBS began when I was an undergraduate student working in the afterschool program, Explorations, and continued after I earned my Bachelor Degree in Elementary Education. I served for several years as a Teacher Associate while working towards my Masters degree with a certification in Special Education. I am grateful to have been able to co-teach in various classrooms and get to know all the students in the building before settling into my own 3rd grade classroom. I have a love for what I do.

Grade 4 - Lynda Thompson

In our 4th-grade classroom my students are active participants in the teaching and learning environment. I have come to understand that children learn best in this way. My methodology for teaching promotes active student involvement. By adopting a Responsive Classroom® approach when the school year begins, students are aware, right from the start, that it is not “my classroom” but “our classroom.” In our classroom teaching and learning includes a variety of unique and creative practices.

In this way, I can meet the needs of all students. In my years at Henry Barnard School, I have seen diversity strengthen our classrooms. Rejoicing in my student’s uniqueness has come to be of great importance to me. By acknowledging their differences, I promote the wondrous experience of recognizing their successes.

Grade 5 - Lori Millette

I have known since I was in third grade that I wanted to be a teacher. Since then, I have worked hard to achieve that goal, receiving my BA in Elementary Education in 2008 and my Masters in Reading in 2015. To be able to work in a school that has welcomed me as a part of a higher learning community, taught me about the type of teacher I am, and given me the opportunity to pass on my passion to my students and future teachers is my dream job.

Throughout my years at HBS, I have taught at some capacity in every grade level. As a classroom teacher, I have taught in 2nd grade, 3rd grade and now 5th grade. I feel it is essential to create a community of respect and acceptance to allow my students to explore comfortably taking risks and making mistakes. One thing you would hear every day in my classroom is the encouragement to feel comfortable making mistakes as they lead to learning! I also strive to incorporate fun into every day in my classroom; I truly believe that students will remember what they learned if they are applying that learning in a game or activity that they genuinely enjoy.

One of my favorite subjects to teach is STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics education). Our children need to be prepared for their future, and technology continues to grow at a fast pace. We need to equip our students to be able to function in this technological world, and exposing students at a young age to the type of thinking required when completing STEAM challenges and activities will only help them when this type of technological learning gets more involved.

Overall, it is my goal to instill a love of learning in each of my students. Seeing their excitement while learning is the best reward, and I get to look at this every day here at HBS!

Interventionist - Amanda Borrelli

Explorations / Physical Education - Mark Young

I have been the Coordinator of the Explorations program since the Fall of 2000. At that time the program served kindergarten-sixth grade and averaged 25 children per day. Currently, Explorations serves preschool-fifth grade and averages 70 – 75 children per day.

In my 30+ years of experience working in school-age programs I have run an adventure-based counseling program for inner-city youth; started and ran four school-based day care programs, and I have directed two state contracted school-age daycare programs in the state of Massachusetts. While living and working in Western Massachusetts, I earned my Masters in Elementary Education from the University of Massachusetts.

When I came to Henry Barnard School, I had no idea that the warm, supportive environment, and children-first attitude would keep me here all these years. I honestly feel that the Henry Barnard School is one of the finest elementary schools anyone could choose for their child.

School Nurse - Michaela Grande

My name is Michaela Grande, a licensed registered nurse in the state of Rhode Island, and I am excited to join the wonderful team at Henry Barnard School. I am a graduate from the Community College of Rhode Island where I received my Associate of Science in Nursing and I am currently working towards my Bachelor of Science from The University of Rhode Island. Before pursuing nursing, I began my journey at Rhode Island College where I majored in Early Childhood Education. Throughout my path towards a degree in Early Childhood Education, I discovered my love for nursing. Having the ability to combine both of my passions is an extraordinary opportunity.

The health and well-being of the children and staff at Henry Barnard school is my number one priority. I believe creating a safe, healthy and caring environment is the root of a positive and successful learning experience where children can flourish.

STEAM - Gabrielle Elkas-Neel

My name is Gabrielle Elkas-Neel and I have worked teaching STEAM through Snapology for the last 5 years. During my time at Rhode Island College as a Youth Development student I learned the importance of play through learning and found my passion in teaching young people about science and math through LEGOs. With Snapology I have studied and learned how to bring LEGOs to life with coding, animation movie making, and video game design while also passing on the joy of learning to my students and helping them develop scientific reasoning skills, and becoming engineers in their day to day life.

Previous to working with Henry Barnard, I have completed my degree in Youth Development through Rhode Island College, while also obtaining a Nonprofit Studies Certificate. I am an alumni of College Leadership Rhode Island, and actively volunteer in their programs. I spent some time working with students in early childhood settings, and also working with schools to help facilitate distance learning programming.

I am currently furthering my education to pursue my Masters in Mental Health and Wellness to better support the learning of all students I work with. I look forward to being able to show all students how fun science and math can be.

When I am not teaching with Snapology I can be found playing Pokémon with my husband, exploring the local restaurants in Providence, building LEGOs, and studying!

Learn more about our STEAM partner, Snapology, at www.snapology.com.

Dean of Students - Alexandra Lacoste

My name is Alexandra Lacoste, the Dean of Students at Henry Barnard School. I am so excited to be joining the team at HBS! In my free time, I love to be active in sports and outside in nature with my two dogs. Fun fact is I am bilingual! I can also speak Portuguese. I have my Bachelors degree in both Criminal Justice and Sociology that was achieved at Rhode Island College. Prior to my work here at HBS, the last four years were spent at an intentionally diverse charter school, working with students that had various needs. Here at HBS, I am able to continue sharing my passion for working with children and their families.