We cherish connections.

As an independent, private school, community connections are deeply valued at HBS. We continually aspire to be a more representative community that reflects the diversity of our city and state, and to ensure all members of our school are valued, included, and treated with equity.

Within the school, community-building happens in weekly assemblies, school-wide projects and a “student buddies” program pairing students in PK-2 with students in the upper grades who serve as role models and "buddies" for various activities throughout the year.

Community also means connecting with Providence and the world beyond. Through in-class and school-wide projects, students deepen their understanding of our neighbors and friends and use their talents to make a positive impact on our world. We are actively seeking community partners who would like to join in these community-building efforts.

Students at HBS benefit from an active and close-knit parent community, too. The Henry Barnard School Parents Association sponsors movie nights, a family dance, various fundraisers and festive public events. For parents eager to get more involved in their child’s school community, there are plenty of volunteer opportunities through the HBSPA.